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Carl Yudell


Message from Carl
Dated: June 27, 2023

It is official.

After 9 years of planning and preparing, 2.5 years of reducing my work load and 6 months of winding up, I have completed my part on all of my projects and am now retired. I have turned in my license to the Illinois Supreme Court and told my insurance company that I am done.

For my many clients, I remain a friend to be called but not the lawyer to be called upon.

Instead, I leave you with a much younger, brighter and dynamic set of attorneys led by Kathleen Georgevich and David Braden. You can read more about them on our webpage. Of course, Meg and Alice are still onboard to add some gray hair to the mix, but the future belongs to Kathleen and David who are excellent attorneys ready to solve any legal issues that arise.

Suzy and I have moved to our lake house in Nisswa, Minnesota where the grandchildren are only 1.5 hours away and nature is all around. I will be spending more time with those grandchildren, fishing, reading, biking and contributing to our new local community.

I still have my CPA license so you might hear from me on some tax issues and I might be doing a few tax returns next year, but I have completed my 45 years as an attorney. It has been a great run. Thank you for many interesting stories and interesting problems to solve, but most of all thank you for all of the interesting people I have met and worked with for the past 45 years.

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